When I was in the Young Artist Program at the Met, I asked Bryn Terfel why he seemed so cool and calm before going out onstage, and he said, ‘Well, I sing better if I’m not nervous.’ Makes sense, right? So one year I gave up fear for Lent. I just decided that I’m not going to be afraid anymore. It’s hard to do, but I realized that fear is something that exists only in the future. In the past, it exists as regret. But in the present, it doesn’t exist. You’re only worried about what will happen. So I try to do what I’m supposed to do, practice the things I’m supposed to practice, be as honest as I can and approach things with an intent that is in accord with nature, as my voice teacher would have said. And then I do it.
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30 Exactly 30

30 Exactly 30 - a list from my birthday.

I turned 30 on June 6, 1984. Instead of a “30 under 30″ list, I took some time that day to put together a “30 Exactly 30” list. I rooted around the internet to find thirty people born on exactly the same day I was. A lot of them were athletes, actors, and pop musicians from around the world, but I also found two female visual effects artists (which is a lot in an industry that male-dominated), a…

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Re-designed website!

A million thank yous to Victoria, without whom my website wouldn’t even exist, much less be really really pretty.

In related news, re-doing all my soundcloud embeds meant I got to see that The Burial of the Dead has over 1,000 plays. That’s cool for an orchestral setting of T.S. Eliot poem where nobody says any words.

Go have a look! Tell me what you think!

Last month I gave a hybrid talk at the Rhymes with Opera summer training program for singers and composers. Part of it was based on the same material as my talk for Fresh Inc., and the other part concerned my approach to putting music in theater.

Controlling Time | Kevin Clark

If you are a big fat nerd about the theory of notating and controlling time in music theater, this post might be for you. Otherwise you’ll feel like a non-programmer reading about new database architectures.